Leading Jordanian Companies in Trading and Importing of Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds and Agricultural equipment.

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Eng. Ammar Nassar has established Mesk Agricultural Establishment in 2006 while Crystal Foundation for Agricultural and Trading was established in 2008 .

Both Specialized as Jordanian institutions in trading and importing Pesticides, Fertilizers, Seeds and Agricultural Equipment representing many international companies.

Since their establishment, they have been keeping up with all new developments in the field of Agriculture in Jordan by providing the sector with Effective Pesticides and Selecting Modern Fertilizers with special compositions characterized by high efficiency and low cost to reduce the loss on the Jordanian farms.

In addition to providing all required and distinctive special varieties of seeds.

  • Abdul Malik Bin Marwan St., Amman, Jordan
  • Amman-Jordan P.O Box : 410288 , Postal code : 11141

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عن مؤسستي مسك  و كريستال ..